Sound Off for Sunday, June 18: SHINE, Tub Run, 'King of the jungle'

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

On Thursday editorial, “Enough is enough”: You state that everybody should work together. That’s true, but for eight years House Speaker Paul Ryan and the GOP fought tooth and nail against everything President Obama’s crew wanted to do. Now, Trump and Ryan, all they do is roll stuff back that Obama did and try to do things for the rich. I can’t see everybody working together when you have billionaires and millionaires running this country. That’s not how a democracy should be run.

On shooting of congressman last week: Every time a crazy shoots and kills, it provides grist for the mill for the gun control lobby. It would behoove the NRA to take a stronger position and involvement in gun type and access. If the Second Amendment is to remain sacrosanct, these mentally challenged characters must be shackled.

--I’m looking at the shooting in Washington, and I think that the media is totally responsible for this shooting. It’s just despicable. They’re always lying and putting disinformation out in the public and frightening people that shouldn’t be frightened, and it’s totally on them. We need to do something about the rogue media.

--It’s time for the Democratic Party to step up and denounce the type of rhetoric that’s been going on since Donald Trump was elected. We’ve got plays in New York with the president being assassinated. We’ve got a comedian holding up his bloody head. We’ve got jokes about killing him all over, and this is the result. Frankly, the Democratic Party bears some of the blame for this.

On potential size of Milton School District referendum: So all the board members are still stuck on a new high school except Brian Kvapil, who did actual homework and brought facts and figures to the June 12 public meeting. After a previous comment by School Administrator Tim Schigur stating we’ve gotten by the last 10 years, why not use Kvapil’s ideas to fix, repair, update and put on one addition for the $25 million to $40 million? I bet we could then get by another 10 years.

On the Tub Run: To all of you who are going to complain about the Tub Run, give me and others a break. What have you done for muscular dystrophy? Quit your ridiculous complaining and get a life. By the way, I don’t own a motorcycle, but I give a thumbs up to all the riders for what they are doing.

On open government: I appreciate The Gazette’s reporting on local government matters relating to our schools, cities and towns in the area. For anyone interested in learning more about government transparency, the Wisconsin Department of Justice website has a very informative guide entitled, ‘Wisconsin Open Meetings Law Compliance Guide.’ It’s interesting and worth reading in my opinion.

On June 11 art, “King of the jungle” (Page 4A): I’m not an artist but just wanted to say the picture etched by Robert Legatzke, a junior at Craig High School, of the lion was outstanding. It almost looked like you could touch it.

--I thought that the young man that drew that picture of the lion head was just wonderful, and I admire all the young students that are sending in artwork to The Gazette. It’s a natural ability to paint like that. Not everybody has that, and I don’t understand why somebody (Sound Off comment from Wednesday) would bring politics into something like that. That has absolutely nothing to do with any of the arts that are going on.

On Janesville’s priorities: I just went by Palmer Park, and it looks like they’re redoing the bike trail with fresh pavement and tearing up the old stuff. I wonder why they’re so worried about that when the roads around town are in terrible condition. I can’t believe that the bike trail is even that bad that it would have to be replaced since there’s no heavy traffic there. It’s just foot traffic and bicycles.

On city council amending deal for SHINE Medical Technologies: The council, I’m afraid, is throwing good money after bad decisions, and I would just like to know when someone is going to step up, investigate this scam and pull the plug on it.

On Madison Mayor Paul Soglin: I hope Soglin will run for governor against Scott Walker. That would be a fascinating political match-up, and Paul Soglin might actually win and be Wisconsin’s next new governor.

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