Your Views: Exiting Paris accord was a disastrous decision

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letter to the editor
Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Science doesn’t care what you believe! I was raised during a time when science was revered and funded by National Science Foundation. John F. Kennedy drove us forward and got us to the moon in record time. We were rewarded with spin-offs, such as Teflon and solar cells. But more importantly, it taught us to be innovative, creative and problem solvers.

Last week, science was ignored as we were forced to pull out of the Paris climate accord by a president who believes global warming is a hoax. This decision will put us at an economic disadvantage and threaten to destroy all life on this planet

The Pentagon’s report, “2014 Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap,” warns that rising sea levels could flood coastal military bases in the United States and around the world.

The New York Times recently reported that a majority of Exxon Mobil’s shareholders have voted in favor of more open and detailed analysis of the risks posed to its business by policies aimed at stemming climate change.

We need to look forward rather than backward. Germany is getting 85 percent of its power from renewables. On good days, Denmark gets more than 100 percent of its power from renewables. We will be left in the economic dust if we follow the beliefs of our current president. It is time to get the facts right and move forward.

I would suggest you watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s film, “Before the Flood.” It will give you facts about global warming.


Genoa City



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