Your Views: Resources needed for foster care kids

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letter to the editor
Friday, May 19, 2017

Growing up, my mother and I had foster kids going in and out of our house. Although we were welcoming, we couldn’t fully educate our foster children to be successful when they moved out or aged out due to it being temporary.

Each year, more than 7,000 Wisconsin children are being taken from their homes every day by child protective services. There are two choices for kids in foster care: They are either adopted or age out of the system and put into the real world on their own.

In order to provide a successful transition, we need to provide resources to these kids to get them ready to be on their own. Giving them information on jobs, education, how to pay bills and how to do taxes would benefit them and the community.

Many children age out of the system and go into the world with nothing but what they had from the foster home. Most kids are not given opportunities to better themselves, and so how would they be able to survive?

They are more likely to experience incarceration and homelessness and less likely to be employed. Studies show those who do have a job are working fewer hours and earn significantly less than peers their age. In order to create a safer and more effective transition, providing more funding to help them while they are still in foster care can help them get on and stay on the right path.





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