Your Views: ID law is working as intended

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letter to the editor
Friday, May 19, 2017

This letter is in regard to your Monday story (Page 1A), “State’s ID law created barriers.”

First off, I would like to bring up the first point in the article: It was “five years ago.” I would think that somebody that planned on voting would find the time to obtain a legal form of ID in that amount of time.

As for the veteran that now lives in Wisconsin that was upset that he could not use his Illinois driver’s license, he is lucky he has not gotten a ticket for driving without the proper license. I believe you have 90 days after you move to get your license for the state you reside in.

The same goes for the student that cannot make up her mind where she wants to live. Once you are out of school and working, you need to get a license for the state you are living in. It does not matter if you “may move later.” By the way, the story reads it is like the most impossible task to get an ID and is meant to keep the “poor and impoverished” from a chance to vote. In realty, it seems it has kept the lazy and the ones who ignore local laws from voting. Looks like a Darwin theory working—those that are not qualified to vote are not permitted to vote.




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