Your Views: Removing dam poses danger to other assets

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letter to the editor
Wednesday, May 17, 2017

If the city removes Monterey Dam and lowers the water in the river, the creek running through Blackhawk Golf Course and past Kiwanis Pond, Lions Beach and Rotary Gardens will be almost dry of water. According to the state Department of Natural Resources, creeks and rivers running close to ponds or lakes can cause the water level in an adjacent pond or lake to drop if the water level in the creek or river is lowered. This could have a negative effect on Blackhawk Golf Course, Kiwanis Pond, Lions Beach and Rotary Gardens.

The small ponds and wetlands south of the creek and east of Main Street could almost dry up. The land west of Main Street could end up being swampland. If we lose water by South Main Street, we could lose birds, such as geese and ducks that children and adults enjoy watching.

Please take another look at Monterey Dam and consider all factors, such as the creek, ponds and beach that could by affected. Thank you.




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