Your Views: Trumpism based on lies, ignorance

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letter to the editor
Saturday, May 13, 2017

Apparently it is not acceptable to The Gazette that your normal opinion Republican/conservative voices continue to tell their readers that “President Trump has no clothes” (see Michael Gerson on Wednesday’s Opinion Page).

The Gazette’s response is to import some Trump loyalist columnists all in an effort to make the Opinion Page “fair and balanced.” Perhaps The Gazette should invite Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh to write op-eds. Why not just publish the Breitbart editorial pages?

There is a reason that “Trumpism” is not being supported. Trumpism is extremely hard to define. Trumpism is whatever Trump sees on Fox News or the last person to talk with him. Trumpism is whatever will put money in his and his family’s pockets regardless of how it is accomplished. Trumpism is a total ignorance about the various issues facing this country. Trumpism is the ability to continually lie when his statements are very easily verified as a lie. Trumpism is all of the bad habits of a spoiled narcissistic child.

The Gazette uses 2016 voting totals to justify their decision on columnists. Perhaps The Gazette should consider the “buyers remorse” that continues to gain steam across the country. Just wait until the CBO scores the Republican health plan. This bill does not remotely resemble anything that “Trumpism” presented during the campaign.

The Gazette owns the paper, but the subscribers should have a voice in what they are paying to read. The Gazette should tread lightly on the monopolistic “bully pulpit” that you control.





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