Your Views: Deniers have turned truth into a casualty

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letter to the editor
Friday, May 5, 2017

Deny, deny, deny. The U.S.A. is full of deniers. There are science and climate change deniers, Holocaust and 9/11 deniers. Does anyone believe in the truth? Is truth dead?

It’s disturbing to see people believe fake news, alternative facts and lies are the truth. Many people do not read newspapers but seek the truth on social media. Many websites consist of conspiracy theories and emphasize distrust of others, especially if they are people of color.

What’s happened to our appreciation of knowledge and sense of history and our ability to accept the facts? Are we giving false information to our children and grandchildren?

We also seem to be in an anti-education mood. Politicians in Madison have said a person does not necessarily need a degree to teach. Some politicians are running on a platform of not supporting public education.

Denial of the truth has led to a vacuum which is being filled by the politics of racism, hate and exclusion. Politicians telling us no major news sources can be trusted does not help our search for the truth. Radio and television hosts are heard 24/7 undermining the truth.

Laws are being passed to hide the truth. Websites are taken down which causes difficulty in finding the truth. Some politicians seem to be soulless and clueless as they try to give us the truth. Where are you John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama?




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