Sound Off for Wednesday, April 19: Courthouse security, Jakubowski, GOP protests

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Gazette staff
Wednesday, April 19, 2017

On Rock County Courthouse proposals: Has there been any discussion about just hiring additional security employees to provide the needed security? Is that workable and feasible compared to the $6 million of future maintenance for structural improvements that destroys trees in the parks?

—How can they have courthouse security when the security officers checking people in don’t even carry firearms? What happens if somebody comes through there with a gun? What do they do, duck under the table?

On Sunday article, “When a lawmaker is treated as a villain in a class play”: A Republican congressman from the state of Oregon bravely spent part of his two-week congressional recess to face his constituents, many of whom are upset with the current Republican disarray. I guess the Gazette had to run a story about Rep. Greg Walden because to my knowledge no Wisconsin Republican legislator has had the gumption to publicly address the voters during these two weeks.

On Joseph Jakubowski’s capture: Just a kudos out to everybody that helped get the mentally unstable Jakubowski out of our danger areas. Now, if we could only do something about the mentally unstable person that the Electoral College put in charge of our country, I would feel safer.

—In reference to the recent manhunt of Jakubowski, why are assault weapons, silencers, bulletproof vests and high-powered handguns available for everybody to obtain? These types of weapons should only be made available for our military and police departments.

On President Trump’s first 100 days: I hope he considers digging up that silly garden at the White House there and builds a miniature golf course on that property.

On North Korea: If the politicians had not countered the strong directives put forth by Gen. Douglas McArthur, we might well have not been embroiled in the current confrontation with North Korea and the possibility that the U.S. could once again be caught up in a unilateral position putting our nation at risk. Hopefully, this time the politicians will listen to our military leaders.

On comparing politicians to NASCAR: I’m reading Sound Off Sunday, the one near the bottom on money and politics. That is very good, one of the best descriptions of money and politics I’ve read. Just envision the politicians like the NASCAR drivers with all their financial supporter logos on their uniforms.

On Janesville traffic flow: Many of Janesville’s yellow traffic lights are too short to get stopped and don’t consider the speed limit. Also, there’s a severe need for coordination of arterial traffic lights so there aren’t excessive stops and thus excessive rear-end accidents.

On Sunday editorial, “Voters elected Jens, not his dad”: I actually voted for him, and I agree with him on his stand about not removing the dam. Your going into all this elaborate junk about his father Andy is a bunch of baloney. I voted for the kid. He has just as much right to express his opinion at the council meeting as anybody has. Did you see the text message? If you didn’t, then you have no right to say anything about it.

On Thursday editorial, “Hard to cheer while winning this game”: The editorial suggests the Janesville schools should be cautious in expanding marketing efforts. I agree. Before any five-figure contract is signed with a Madison PR firm, our new superintendent, Steve Pophal, should be allowed to review the needs of the district and then make a recommendation to the board.

On dictionary definition of “liberal”: They are not broadminded and certainly are not tending to give freely. There is evidence all around us how closed-minded they are to anyone’s views but their own. When they don’t like what someone else has to say, they attack that person or property as seen over and over in the news at protests. The dictionary needs to add the definition of today’s liberals connected to the Democrat Party.

On Monday story “A different cup of tea” (Page 1A): About the picture on your front page of the protest, why did you have to dig it up from February, just to keep the fires going on all these dumb protests?

—There are subtle differences between the tea party protests and those currently going on. First, no political party organized the tea party protests, and no one was paid to protest during the tea party era. Second, no one incited violence like is going on constantly now. Third, as of yet, the IRS has not been weaponized and sent to attack these groups.


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