Your Views: Community’s response to manhunt was appreciated

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letter to the editor
Monday, April 17, 2017

To the citizens of Janesville,

As we conclude the Jakubowski manhunt by apprehending him today, I want to offer my thanks to the community.

The last 10 days have been stressful and tested the very character of our community. Citizens pondered the potential threat that Mr. Jakubowski posed and cautiously went on with their lives, supported one another and reported activities that seemed out of place.

The officers of your police department worked long and hard hours to assure your safety. We shared all information that we could and assessed all potential threats to provide guidance for your safety.

Many federal and state partners arrived in our city to assist with the investigation. They often commented on the openness and welcoming nature of our citizens. All were impressed by the expressions of supportive cards, emails, comments and of course food.

The threat has passed, and we can all return to the feeling of being safe in our homes, streets, parks, churches, schools and businesses. A feeling that all of us have come to expect.

Tonight, I appreciate that feeling just a little more.


Janesville police chief


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