Edgerton-area man accused of terrifying actions on Highway 59

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Frank Schultz
Monday, April 17, 2017

TOWN OF MILTON—A rural Edgerton man is accused of forcing his ex-girlfriend's car off the road in a terrifying incident the night of April 12.

Tanner S. Helgestad, 26, of 1514 E. Road 7, is charged with first-degree recklessly endangering safety as domestic abuse, first-degree recklessly endangering safety, battery, disorderly conduct and disorderly conduct as domestic abuse.

A woman told sheriff's deputies that she and Helgestad lived together for four years and had broken up about a month before the incident.

The woman was at a residence in Stoughton when Helgestad showed up uninvited April 12 and created a scene. He eventually left, according to the complaint.

The woman and a male friend then drove back toward Edgerton, and Helgestad pulled up behind her in his Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck, according to the complaint.

As she entered the Edgerton area, Helgestad began to cut in front of her and slam on his brakes, and he also pulled up even with her and drifted toward her, forcing her onto the gravel shoulder to avoid him, according to the complaint.

On Highway 59 near Ellendale Road in Newville, Helgestad pulled up next to her again, jerked his truck to the right and hit her car, according to the complaint.

Helgestad's truck made contact with the car three times, according to the complaint.

The woman's car went onto the shoulder, and Helgestad drove ahead and blocked the road with his truck, according to the complaint.

The woman and her friend said they feared for their lives because of Helgestad's driving, according to the complaint.

The woman said she turned around and headed for the residence of her friend's friend in the Mallwood area.

At the residence, Helgestad began fighting with the woman's friend, according to the complaint, and the woman jumped on Helgestad's back and tried to restrain him.

Helgestad was held on a $1,300 cash bond after his court appearance Monday. He is required to have no contact with the woman or her friend.

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