Your Views: Election shows Janesville headed in right direction

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Letter to the editor
Sunday, April 16, 2017

Janesville voters were blessed to have nine candidates vying for four open city council seats in the April 4 election. It is a rare occurrence when we get the chance to choose from such a large number of candidates.

It is even rarer for us to have such a high-quality slate of candidates to choose from—people who are learned, thoughtful, open minded and passionate about our city. No matter which four that were elected, it is apparent that Janesville is headed in the right direction.

This election is a great example of the brilliance and elegance of our council-manager form of government, set up a century ago. Our election has given us seven residents—nonpartisan, unpaid and not beholden to a geography—who will represent all of us and who will do so out of their passion to make our city better.

We are not scrambling to field candidates in aldermanic districts where nobody wants to run. We will not be voting for candidates based on party affiliation, and we will not be choosing from candidates who are looking to get paid to represent us.

We now have seven highly qualified people we can go to with our issues, not just one alderperson. The cynical hyper-democracy/government-by-referendum folks may try to tell us otherwise, but our form of government by representation in Janesville is operating as intended.

It is something we all need to be proud of, and something that we all need to fight to preserve.





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