Sound Off for Sunday, April 16: Texting, head lice and gun control

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Gazette staff
Sunday, April 16, 2017

On Janesville Councilman Jens Jorgensen’s texting during a March 27 meeting: It appears to me and a lot of other people that Jens is just a puppet with his father pulling the strings, possibly trying to make a career politician of his kid. That’s not right. Grow up guys.

— He needs to put the phone down and he needs to step down from council.

— Is anybody really surprised that voting in a 19-, 20-year-old with no real life experience in the matter of the world was a smart thing to do? Of course he’s relying heavily on his father for guidance. Maybe next time, vote in an adult that can make his own decisions.

On head lice: What law is it that schools with children who have lice cannot inform the parents on how to treat the child and the home environment? A checklist to parents will help them know how to treat the child and the home environment with possible suggestions. By not doing both, the child returns to school and will either get re-infected or continue the cycle of lice. Itching heads don’t help learning.

On Joseph Jakubowski (comments received before his capture Friday): The Keystone Cops don’t seem to think he’s anywhere except in this area, and I think they’re all wet. I think he got out of the area, and he’s probably just sitting there laughing at the fact that he got by with what he did, and if he’s smart, he’ll never come back here. I’m sure that somewhere in the United States somebody is taking good care of him and seeing that he gets what he needs.

— I think the cops and the feds should be searching for Jakubowski at least until April 20 because April 20 is Adolf Hitler’s birthday, and some people celebrate his birthday in really weird ways.

On burglary at Armageddon Gun Shop: Since this was the second time the gun store was broken into, why wasn’t the perimeter reinforced with bars, steel doors, a gun safe—anything but glass windows and doors.

On gun control: To the NRA: Time to come down on the side of logical, restricted gun access and ratchet up punishment of those crazies committing daily indiscriminate shootings. Every incident provides grist for the mill for the anti-gun zealots. Better for the NRA to vigorously find ways to turn the tide and assist law enforcement.

On Tuesday story about Beloit shooting (Page 3A): This is the third article in your paper I’ve read on this issue, and I still do not know if this woman had the right to legally carry that gun or not. It’s kind of important, don’t you think? If she was legally carrying that gun and was attacked, she has a much better case for self-defense than if she was illegally carrying that gun.

On last week’s GOP victory for Kansas congressional seat: Democrats threw everything they had into winning this race, spent a fortune and still lost. And what’s the story? How Republicans are in trouble because they didn’t win by more. Remember the Republicans were going to lose the presidency and the senate, but it didn’t happen. The real story is that Democrats have lost over 1,200 seats in the last eight years; they control only five states now, and they’re going to control less if they keep up their phony Russian collusion nonsense much longer.

On building walls: I just saw in the news that Turkey is building a wall along the entire length of its country, which is really puzzling because we know from the news media constantly telling us that it won’t work. Even the Pope told us walls don’t work, but there’s one around the Vatican. Europe told us, but there’s one around the European Parliament. Obama told us, but he built one around his new house. There needs to be a new word because hypocrisy really doesn’t get at it any more.

On pathological liars: Pathological lying is a mental condition, not only lying. It includes holding a grudge, making up wild stories, thinking they are the greatest, degrading others, can’t stay on track in a conversation, forgetfulness, being paranoid, blaming others and never taking responsibility for any wrong decision. Does that sound familiar?

On Republican attitudes: The Wisconsin Republicans believe that the working class should only get paid with performance pay only. If they had to follow the same rule, they would be paying the taxpayers to go to work.

On money in politics: Wouldn’t you like to see our politicians wear their financial sponsors on their clothing like the NASCAR drivers do? Would there be any of our voters’ badges on there? I doubt it very much.

On pretty birds: Hooray, the gold finch males are gold again.


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