Your Views: Election hopefully marks a fresh start for council

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letter to the editor
Saturday, April 15, 2017

Councilman Doug Marklein put it very well when he stated the “city council can hit the ground running” after the April 4 election.

It appears our council has found its way out of over a year of turmoil and lack of faith in its own ability to work together. Having nine candidates to pick from resulted in a new strong council having little time for pettiness, individual agendas and making it difficult for the city manager to do his job.

Some outgoing council members lacked the maturity to understand their role as a council member and the role of the city manager. This resulted in friction, which made it difficult for the council and city manager to work together.

Hopefully comments and actions like blindsiding the city manager, micromanaging the city manager’s job, attempting to re-evaluate the city manager numerous times throughout the years (instead of doing it once and getting it right) and council actions being called political shenanigans in the press will no longer be a part of the way our council does business!




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