Sound Off for Wednesday, April 12: Jakubowski, Mantiques and Jens Jorgensen

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Gazette staff
Wednesday, April 12, 2017

On hunt for Joseph Jakubowski: I had to pick up my grandchildren from two different schools, and they did an excellent job of protecting our children. I picked up one from Madison and one from Lincoln Elementary. The school system did an excellent job of protecting our children, and I just want everybody to know that we thank them very much.

— With the recent school soft lockdowns, I find it interesting that Parkview was the only Rock Valley School that closed due to the safety conditions and concerns. But driving by the baseball diamond, they were playing a baseball game. Evidently you're safer in a ball diamond than a school building.

— I was watching Channel 15 on TV, and it appears that Janesville PD and sheriff's department are more worried about protecting Paul Ryan with what is going on with the person that is being pursued by the FBI. Any educated person would have kept their child home yesterday. My question is, why wasn't school canceled yesterday? Those kids should have been sent home.

— What a newspaper. Stormtroopers on the front page two days in a row (Friday and Saturday).

On downtown shop Mantiques closing (story Page 3A, Thursday): The owner cites many reasons for closing, but the one that seems glaring is that business was down 30 to 40 percent at Christmas after the Milwaukee Street was turned into a two-way street. It would be interesting to know how the other businesses on Milwaukee Street are faring after this conversion has been done.

On Edgerton curriculum promoting mental well-being: I think the Edgerton School District is wise and compassionate to choose this curriculum of skills training for emotional problem solving. This educational life skill can be immediately beneficial for students currently struggling, but it also can benefit students with no issues now but who may experience difficult situations in the future.

On Rock County Transit: Regarding the April 9 Sound Off, someone was having trouble with the bus driver on Rock County Transit. I think there's something wrong with the person who was riding because I have ridden the Rock County Transit for about three years, now, and there can't be anyone any nicer than those people. Those of us who can't walk, what would we do without them? I just want it known throughout the city, whoever reads this, that Rock Country Transit cannot be beat.

On Billy McCoy: Yesterday (Wednesday), when I got my Gazette, I was looking for the name of the write-in candidate—I think his name is Billy McCoy—who was running for council as a write-in. I voted for him, so I know he had at least one vote, and I don't find his name anywhere whether he had one vote or none in my ward. I just wonder how he came out, and if he got any votes.

On Councilman Jens Jorgensen: Regarding Jorgensen being on the cellphone, I am a senior lady and voted for Jens. I did not vote for his father. You better cut the apron strings and don't start your career off as a politician as I'm beginning to get that understanding for what your excuses have been. It is really upsetting to think that you know better and are trying to skirt the issues about cellphones.

— Last time Andy Jorgensen was on the ballot, Rock County voters rejected him, yet it turns out he is basically serving as an un-elected councilman as he has undue influence over his son Jens. Someone should remind Jens that voters said 'thanks but no thanks' to his dad's politics.

On city council priorities: Much of the reason our Janesville streets are in such deplorable condition is that voters continue to elect council members whose top priority is pouring more and more taxpayer money into the downtown and approving far too many costly TIF districts. It is time to stop adding to the wealth of business owners who are the only ones benefiting from the actions of our administration, plan commission and city council.

On society's priorities: I'm mad about today's society. I am totally perplexed by the notion that many people driving vehicles have no license. Therefore, my conclusion is you really don't need to have a license to drive, but you do need a license to vote.

On Brian Kvapil winning seat on Milton School Board: I think Kvapil's win is a good thing for the students, faculty and citizens of Milton School District, and hopefully now there will be more deliberation and exchange of ideas at school board meetings so wise decisions can be achieved.

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