Your Views: Bring restoration to Janesville

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letter to the editor
Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I think Janesville residents would like some confidence restored so that we can invest in our homes, property and neighborhoods without fear that those neighborhoods will be razed and people displaced. Example: fire station.

We would like some confidence restored that our neighborhood’s landscape not be altered so drastically that they have the potential to become undesirable places to live. Example: Monterey Dam removal.

We would like to have a city management that values the young and the old and understands that though the elderly might not enjoy the bike trail or the ice arena, they thoroughly appreciate the river view outside their window and the eagle pair that fly over it. The eagles have made this area their three-season home for several years now because they like the conditions here. We have been lucky to have them, and it’s not likely they will stay. I guess we can visit them in Beloit.

We would like to restore confidence that the city uses the budget to maintain and enhance the beauty that is already here, and that it is capable of making improvements to areas in the city without diminishing others.

We would like to not be the ones described as emotional as the city reaches for next the shiny object.

That would be a great restoration.




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