Sound Off for Sunday, April 9: Sexual predators, ISIS and chemical attack

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Gazette staff
Sunday, April 9, 2017

On Janesville roads: Look forward to more roundabouts because I guess it’s the only way traffic can be made to flow in Janesville because the city administration apparently refuses to coordinate traffic lights. There are way too many unjustified stops in the city.

-- I’m calling in regards to the condition of the city streets in Janesville. Willard Avenue on both sides of the Bellrichard Bridge is the worst street in Janesville. If a representative lived on that street, it would have been fixed a long time ago. There is just no excuse for a street in Janesville to be that bad.

On new council members: During the past Janesville City Council campaign, I heard a few run on the fact that in essence the council’s job is to agree with virtually all recommendations by the unelected City Manager Mark Freitag and his staff. Now, if that’s the case, why do we need a council at all? Don’t frown upon your colleagues for asking questions. We didn’t vote you in to be rubber stamps.

On bus drivers: I’m calling about Rock County Transit, and I think the driver shouldn’t be rude to the customers. If they need help, I think they should help them and not be rude.

On cellphones at Craig High School: My son comes home every night complaining about the distraction in his classroom. He’s having a hard time with math because people are constantly on their phones. They’re not paying attention, so the teacher has to keep repeating himself.

On Milton council member Nancy Lader’s defeat: It appears Milton taxpayers have agreed that Lader was the cause of all the trouble the last two years. Good luck to Larry Laehn, and thanks, everybody, for voting Anissa Welch back in as mayor. Professionalism is needed in those positions, not actions, antics and votes like Lader did.

On Wednesday story (Page 2A) about the Milton School Board election: Board member Tom Westrick states Brian Kvapil needs to learn how the board functions and the role of the members. Westrick doesn’t get it. The way the board functions is why Jon Cruzan was voted out. So, if Kvapil doesn’t bow to your way, Westrick, are you going to bully him like you did a former board member? Go Brian.

On Janesville Superintendent Karen Schulte: As Schulte’s long lame-duck term comes to a grinding stop, we must watch her recommendations closely. A prime example is her support of an increase of teachers at the middle schools while enrollment drops more than 300 students.

On sexual harassment: It’s hilarious watching Donald Trump defend Bill O’Reilly. The sexual predators are circling the wagons. These men are supposed to be role models for our children. How sad.

-- First Bill Cosby, now Bill O’Reilly. Why aren’t these serial predators behind bars? Probably because they are rich and powerful. Along the same lines, whatever happened to Trump’s threat to the women who accused him of the same thing? Guess he doesn’t want to open that can of worms.

On Republican tactics: The disturbing paradigm of groups like al Qaida and ISIS is that their opponent’s death is more important than their own life. We’ve been hearing the Republicans call to repeal Obamacare for over seven years. Come to find out that there was never a suitable replacement, and the only thing they really cared about was the defeat of their opponent. Are the Republicans using a page from the ISIS playbook?

On a new jobs report: Today is Thursday, April 6, and I’m wondering where the new jobs report is in the paper. We had another awesome jobs report today that blew expectations out of the water. Three-quarters of a million new jobs have been created since Trump took office, but I guess we’re not going to talk about that anymore now since Trump is president. You see what happens when you get president in there that doesn’t attack business and treat them as the enemy?

On chemical attack in Syria: This is what happens when you stop teaching the right history to the students in the schools. They don’t know, and they can’t learn from history. Go back to teaching all the stuff about World War I, World War II, the Holocaust, mustard gas, Vietnam, Korea and so on.

On speaking English: Is it too much to ask for telephone customer service people to speak English we can understand? No disrespect to people learning English as a second language, but phone service is not the job for you or for customers needing answers we can understand.


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