Sound Off for Wednesday, April 5: Heroin, health care and Tim Cullen

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Gazette Staff
Wednesday, April 5, 2017

On Sunday, Page 1A story, “Heroin’s hell”: These people can’t blame everybody else that they get hooked on it. You learn in school that this is very addictive and not to do it, and you people chose to do it. I’ve had surgeries and been on pain pills, and I don’t have a drug addiction. You have to monitor them and use common sense. You want to take 10 pain pills in a day? That’s your particular problem, and you figure out how you’re going to get help for it.

On health care reform: Seven and a half years the GOP had to come up with a new health care plan. What did we get? Nothing, just bragging. Yes, Obama’s health care plan needs some improving but not tossed in the toilet. Do the Republicans need another seven and a half years? How about putting the brakes on the insurance companies and the pharmaceuticals?

— The people that keep cutting down Paul Ryan, saying he tried to trash free health care for millions of people: Why don’t some of you people own a small business once in a while? This stuff isn’t free; college isn’t free; lunch isn’t free. Somebody out there is paying for it, and unfortunately it’s on the back of the people that run small businesses and their employees.

On bill to allow carrying a concealed gun without a license: Why doesn’t Gov. Scott Walker and his associates pass a law that all Wisconsinites be carrying guns? To make sure that this happens, he can send guns to all Wisconsin people. They won’t have to worry about the Second Amendment.

On public education funding: In regard to the Parkview School District referendum, Walker and his Republicans stole our money from our district. Let them come up with it. I’m voting no.

— I’m in my car listening to the WCLO newscast this morning Monday at 8:55 or so, and I’m hearing about Orfordville talking about how the funding from the state hasn’t improved, and they need money for their schools. I just find it extremely ironic and almost disgusting that the Milton School District or somebody has invited our governor, who has cut state aid to the schools, to come to the Milton School District on Thursday. It just seems wrong when he has been the one that has hurt our public school system so much.

On Tim Cullen not running for governor: I was happy to see that Tim changed his mind. I’ve known Tim all through school, and I just want Tim to have a happy retirement because when you get up to our age, retirement is where we should be.

On McDonald’s announcing it plans to use fresh beef: After 40 years, McDonald’s is going to use fresh beef. Wow. Now if they would start cooking it fresh, it would be awesome. I don’t like eating leftover microwave food.

On an Associated Press story (Friday, Page 1A), ‘Is White House source of Nunes’ claims?’: You’re supposed to believe that it doesn’t matter what proof Rep. Devin Nunes has that Trump was spied upon. What matters is how he got it just like when facts about the Democratic Party were exposed before the election. It doesn’t matter what the facts were. It matters who disclosed them. They think you’re stupid, and they can just change the subject from what it really is, and you’ll fall for it.

On the drug war: What goes around comes around. In the early 19th century, one could legally buy opium, marijuana and other narcotics at the local drugstore. Then enter the 20th century, marijuana became the gateway to narcotics of deadly nature, became illegal with billions spent on law enforcement and thousands incarcerated for its sale and use. Today, here we go again like prohibition. We just can’t get it right.

On three theories for the city wanting to remove Monterey Dam: One, to get the $400,000 federal gift so they can stay on the clock. Two, so they can confiscate Monterey lagoon as their next litigation tank. Three, so they can accidentally disturb General Motor’s contaminated silt so GM is off the hook and the municipalities are immune.

On Sunday Sound Off comment about shoplifting: Don’t call Sound Off. Go to the store manager. If you have a clerk nearby, go to the clerk, or you yourself call the police. We do have cellphones. Call somebody in authority. Don’t call Sound Off.

On full-page ads about Gazette awards: I do believe The Gazette has patted itself on the back more than enough times about being named newspaper of the year. Any more full-page acknowledgements, and I think I’ll gag.


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