Sound Off for Sunday, April 2: The dam vote, Milton teachers and socialism

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Gazette staff
Sunday, April 2, 2017

On shoplifting: I'm really concerned about all the shoplifting that's been going on in the stores around the Janesville area. Every time I go somewhere lately, I see people shoplift, and it's getting out of control. I've heard sometimes the police don't arrest them because they don't have money to pay for the ticket. Well, that's the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard. Prosecute them or send them to jail. That's where they need to be if they're shoplifting.

On city council's vote to remove Monterey Dam: The city council decided Janesville voters will have no say in Monterey Dam's future. Well, I guess it's time to vote with my wallet and not shop at the businesses that support the council decision.

— Take a dam that served us well for 170 years and rip it out for over $1 million instead of saving it for less than $1 million. We're going to be sorry.

— I don't want to be truculent, but I'm concerned about the Monterey Dam decision. I feel that taking out a dam and replacing it with weeds and swamps is surreal. I have some knowledge of this because of it happening in our former hometown. Is there any way we can back our young council member in his quest to save the dam?

— If people want to keep the Monterey Dam in place, you can just vote for three for city council instead of four. Vote Jim Farrell, Jeff Navarro and registered write-in candidate Billy R. McCoy. Those three with incumbent Jens Jorgensen would provide a majority who would vote to save the Monterey Dam.

— Who's to say there's a guarantee that the dam is still there? Perhaps nature has already taken out the Monterey Dam for us.

On the lone vote for saving the dam: I just want to say thank you to Vice President Jens Jorgensen. He was honest with us, and he let us know when he settled on his decision to save the dam. He let us know unlike other council members, who played that politician trick of saying they hadn't made their mind up when they clearly had.

— How sad that Councilman Doug Marklein chose to act like a true bully by berating Mr. Jorgensen simply because of his age, asking pertinent questions and representing his constituents. Perhaps instead of running to be re-elected to the council, Marklein should enroll in anger management classes. He sure lost my vote by his childish performance.

On streaming council meetings: I watched the Janesville City Council meeting Monday night on my computer and must say the city does a great job of live streaming. The picture and audio were very clear, and the on-screen agenda showed how far along the meeting was. Whether or not you agree with the decisions made by the council, the city should be commended for providing their citizens meeting transparency and accessibility.

On raises for Milton teachers: Kudos for rewarding Milton School District teachers for their work. They deserve it after all the negativity promoted by Gov. Scott Walker and his cronies the past several years. I do question the percentage given to Administrator Tim Schigur in the last year or so. How does over $10,000 in pay and benefits equate in comparison to the 1.2 percent the teachers will be receiving?

On Wednesday Sound Off comment about socialism: I read the definition of socialism three times, and I thought about how my boss never unloads trucks with me, but he's the one getting rich. And I thought how some work three jobs just to scrape by while others don't work, yet live in the lap of luxury. I've been thinking.

On House Speaker Paul Ryan: The true colors of our hometown boy, Speaker Paul Ryan, have been exposed on the national stage like never before. His heartless replacement of Obamacare, in which he attempted to ruin health care for millions of people to pay for huge tax breaks for his wealthy friends, speaks volumes to his lack of character and morals. Thank goodness this horrendous bill failed.

— Paul Ryan Friday stated they worked seven and a half years on the health care program. It did not work, so may we please have either what they have or single-payer and while they're at it, how about renegotiating pharmaceutical costs? Bring them more in line with the rest of the world that the same companies supply. It would be nice and save a lot of money.

On President Trump's first 100 days: When Trump has 100 days in office as president, it will be 100 days of complete failures for him and the whole country.


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