Your Views: Stop calling Medicare and Social Security entitlements

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Letter to the Editor
Friday, March 31, 2017

I, for one, am getting tired of our politicians treating and calling Social Security and Medicare an entitlements. 

They owe us Social Security and Medicare because we paid for it for as long as we work.

Food stamps, Medicaid, welfare and unemployment are entitlements because anyone that receives these items never paid a dime for them.

The hot button for politicians is when they say Social Security and Medicare will be broke soon. All politicians must stop stealing the money from the funds and pay back what they owe the American people before starting another war or giving away our tax dollars to some other country.

According to internet fact findings, the politicians we trusted to do the right thing owe the Social Security fund trillions of dollars. Here is the answer to secure Social Security and Medicare for the working class: Politicians must pass a law that all monies collected for Social Security and Medicare cannot be used for any other purpose.

Politicians must pay their IOUs back into Social Security and Medicare.

Increase the Social Security maximum taxable amount from the existing $118,000 to $250,000 now and gradually increase over 10 years to $750,000. Benefits would be solvent 100 years or more.

Our politicians think this hot button is death for their careers. They need term limits on themselves to drain the swamp to get someone else in their place that will do the work we voted them in to do.                                           



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