Your Views: Here are eight examples of government being stupid

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Letter to the Editor
Friday, March 31, 2017

Stupid is as stupid does. Here are eight examples:

1) Elevator for the Janesville City Services Building. You enter the building at ground level by the old police department entrance. You travel 30 feet and, behold, there are two elevators. Hello McFly, we don't need a new elevator.

2) Million dollar courthouse renovations. There is already plenty of parking on the east side of the courthouse. We don't need more.

3) Courthouse security “upgrade.” We already have armed guards and metal detectors. No change is necessary.

4) Additional courthouse entrance for employees. Are these people on drugs? Completely unnecessary.

5) Janesville streetlight banners. If you want to make Janesville appealing, these banners do nothing. We need millions of dollars in street repairs to transform Janesville from unsightly to somewhere people want to go.

6) Millions of dollars spent on dangerous unnecessary changes to our I-90/39 ramps and traffic signals accomplished what? A handful of dead citizens, traffic congestion and damage to our environment having cars idle at unnecessary traffic signals that previously didn't exist.

7) Silly deserted bicycle lanes that tie up traffic rather than having multiple lanes to use.

8) They tell us to not allow grass clippings to plug the sewers, but then they leave tons of decaying leaves on the street to do just that. Brilliant!

Stop voting the same officials into our city council. They all need to go, and they need to take the city manager with them. Millions will continue to be wasted until then.



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