Sound Off for Wednesday, March 29: The failed repeal, Milton School Board and Monterey Dam

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Gazette staff
Wednesday, March 29, 2017

On the GOP's failed “repeal and replace”: The Republicans weren't trying to repeal Obamacare; they were trying to rename it RINOcare. That's why it failed. Democrats are giddy when they should be cursing because they came close to having this mess removed from their shoulders and placed upon Republican shoulders.

—If Paul Ryan had taken the course titled “Art of the Deal” at Trump University, maybe he could have been successful in passing the Trump health care plan.

—Now it's time to adjust Obamacare and make it cost less and have the one-percenters pay their fair share to help keep health care for all the needy and all taxpayers in the U.S.

—Paul Ryan said they had seven and a half years to work on health care. Never heard one word about renegotiating pharmaceutical costs. Why not? After all, they might not have to lose any programs with the money they save.

On socialism: Look up “socialism” in the dictionary, read it three times, then look at your house, your car, your children, your job and your paycheck. Then read it again.

On the Monterey Dam: So I talked to my dogs, and they think we should repair the dam. Really, asking high school kids about the dam (“Engineering students say nay to keeping the dam,” Thursday, Page 1A)? I think we need to ask the city to have a referendum so the whole city can vote. The river by Monterey will be shallow, and there will be no boats or fishing at all when the dam goes down. Please fix this problem for the city, or the Fourth Ward will be in a worse condition than it is.

—In order to repair the Monterey Dam, the whole dam has to be removed anyway, not just part of it. Who's to say that the other part won't fall apart once half of it is removed in order to repair it? So in order to repair the dam, the whole dam has to be removed in the first place and then rebuilt.

— Let the residents of Janesville decide whether to remove or repair it rather than a small group of people who may or may not even care what happens to it and could be easily swayed by those whose only interest in Janesville is money, not the folks who live here.

On Sound Off comments about blocking the pickle aisle: Sometimes “excuse me” does not get through to ignorant people no matter how loud you say it. I think there are a lot of people in the stores that just don't get out much.

On the Milton School Board election: In the April 4 Milton School Board election, let's take a page out of President Donald Trump's book and drain the swamp. Please do not vote for Jon Cruzan or Tom Westrick. They are not the solutions to the problems between the school board and the voters of the school district. They are the problem. The school building referendum was voted down twice, and neither Cruzan nor Westrick will accept the will of the voters. Please vote for Karen Hall and Brian Kvapil.

—Fellow taxpayers, when you vote for school board members, remember how your taxes went up last year after a $2.5 million referendum was approved. Oh, and the $2.5 million they borrowed at a special board meeting the week before that vote.

On speeding on the Interstate: I have to go up to Madison every day and drive the Interstate, and I'm really getting tired of these Illinois people going by me at 80, 90 mph. There is a speed zone, and it says 60 in there. Why don't the police enforce it? It's extremely dangerous for the construction guys with them weaving in and out, and it's ludicrous that it's even allowed.

On Riverside Golf Course: Tried to go golfing last week at Riverside Golf Course, but the rates were so high for middle of March that I couldn't take my kids with me. I think they need to be a little lower at that time of the year.

On Sunday Sound Off comment about civil liberties: If you check with the Supreme Court of the United States, you will find that the police are completely within their rights to insist on identification. If the police pull you over, you're not going anywhere until they find out who you are because you could be wanted for murder or something else.

On two strong men: My gratitude to the kindness and help from two fabulous, strong men in the parking lot on Friday evening. My husband had fallen on the ground and could not get up. The thoughtful men assisted him into the car.

On the Green Bay Packers: The way the Packer players are leaving Green Bay, my prediction is that Green Bay will be lucky if they can win five games out of 16.


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