Sound Off for Wednesday, March 22: Deportations, Javon Bea and inconsiderate shoppers

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Gazette staff
Wednesday, March 22, 2017

On fears of deportation: School districts such as the Delavan-Darien School District have no business getting involved with having an attorney hold meetings to advise illegal aliens what to do if ICE shows up. Schools have an obligation to teach children, and that is it. Are these same school districts going to help provide free legal advice to other lawbreakers that have children who attend their districts? Illegal aliens should be afraid of being deported; they have broken the laws of our country.

On Sunday editorial, “How not to go about making a law”: No matter how you want to spin the current controversy regarding the cost of consultants for the city, Councilman Jens Jorgensen received an inquiry to look into the matter from a taxpayer citizen, and he was fulfilling that request. Everyone—including the city manager, council members and the editor of The Gazette—should remember that the chain of command is as follows: 1) taxpayer/citizen, 2) the city council and 3) the city manager. Therefore, there should be absolutely no question that Mr. Freitag should obey those who outrank him.

On Mercy Health CEO Javon Bea’s $8 million pay: I think everybody in Janesville needs to worry about themselves and not everybody else. It’s nobody’s business what people are making for an income except that person. Maybe if you want to make what these people are making, then get off the couch and get out and work and put in the effort they do and the hours that they put in.

— I’m disheartened about the article on the CEO of the company I work for. As a Mercy employee, I am only eligible for a 2 percent raise, which doesn’t cover the 30 percent increase we had in health insurance this year, let alone cost of living.

— Javon Bea makes $8 million-plus a year, and I cannot even get reimbursed for using my phone for work-related use. It’s ridiculous.

On the Monterey Dam: I’m tired of the old ugly look of Monterey Park. It’s time to turn it into something different and new, and I was born and raised here in Janesville.

— This morning I was watching the weather on Channel 15 in Madison, and I noticed in the background a picture of our own Janesville Centerway Dam. That’s what makes Janesville iconic. I hope when the Tallman House comes up for repair, you don’t decide to rip it out, or would you?

— Even with the $200,000 offered by Gary Schultz to repair Monterey Dam, I feel the city council has already decided to remove the dam, and that is why the council will not let the Janesville voters decide on the fate of Monterey Dam.

On Rep. Paul Ryan’s March 13 visit to St. Patrick Catholic School: Children are respectful to the speaker of the House. That’s not what he gets from adults. Scheduled meetings are a waste of time because a bunch of demonstrators are paid to disrupt Republican meetings.

On bipartisanship: Kudos to the two representatives from Texas, one a Democrat and one a Republican, taking a road trip from their home state to Washington, D.C. We can hope that this concept will not only be embraced by the political community but also by all citizens of the United States.

On President Trump’s tax returns: I’m sure it was a big deal that Donald Trump paid 25 percent effective tax rate in 2005, but who cares what happened way back in 2005? I just got my effective tax rate for 2016, and it was 13.78 percent, and I am actually sorry that it wasn’t zero. I think somebody better call Rachel Maddow and let her know that she can go crazy again if she’d like. By the way, ask Rachel what hers was.

On blocking the pickle aisle: You can go into Woodman’s anytime of the day, and there will be people no matter what age blocking the aisle and talking about this or that. You stand there and wait and wait, and they just look at you. Why don’t they just go outside and talk or say, ‘I’ll meet you at the restaurant, and we’ll talk.’ But, no, they have to do it in front of the pickle aisle and get in everybody’s way. I really wish they would be more considerate of other shoppers in the store.

On a considerate shopper: Thank you to the person that turned in a wallet at Woodman’s on March 15 in the evening. You renewed my faith in good people and gave me a wakeup call: Always check your cart before getting into vehicle. Very grateful.

On “Dog in a Box,” Monday, Page 5A: What a wonderful painting by Michiko Fukushima. I thought it was a photograph. The eyes and expression are outstanding. I can feel the emotion of the dog asking, ‘Have I found a loving home now?’


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