Sound Off for Sunday, March 19: RyanCare, diversity and 'Sunday outings'

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Gazette staff
Sunday, March 19, 2017

On Rep. Paul Ryan’s visit to St. Patrick Catholic School last week: I find it amazing that Paul Ryan has time to come in and visit some children in Catholic schools, but he doesn’t have time to meet his constituents in a town hall meeting. Then again, I guess you have to start brainwashing those kids at a very young age.

--Mr. Ryan, you do not have to be a Catholic to have the qualities that you bring up. You do not have to be a Catholic to be Christian. That offends me. Do not bring your religion into it, Mr. Ryan.

On the Janesville School Board: It should be a requirement that each school board member spend some time in a classroom with 30 middle school kids. They wouldn’t last a week.

On RyanCare: I don’t know why Rep. Paul Ryan would want to get rid of Planned Parenthood. It’s helpful to young poor women and even other ones. Maybe he should try being a poor woman and see what services he would get.

--How can Paul Ryan call himself a Christian when his health bill takes insurance away from the poor to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy? The Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil, and we should have compassion for the poor.

On proposed budget cuts: Donald Trump and Ryan’s proposals to cut or end 62 programs or departments is nothing more than to provide more tax breaks for the rich and powerful in his administration and locally such as Diane Hendricks and Javon Bea. People, wake up to what’s going on.

On Mercy Health CEO Javon Bea’s $8 million pay: Hey Gazette, in all fairness to Javon Bea, I’m thinking maybe you could post the salaries of some other CEOs in Janesville, such as Jane Blain Gilbertson or Phil Woodman, for example. It should be interesting to see just how much they all make.

--If we’re going to talk about Javon Bea’s huge salary, it would be remiss to not talk about Janesville City Manager Mark Freitag’s taxpayer-funded windfall salary. It’s nearly $150,000, and that’s more than Gov. Scott Walker makes annually. Let that sink in next time your water bill goes up, or you’re driving through potholes in Janesville, or when nearly $700,000 in consultant fees is spent in one year by Freitag.

On diversity of city staff: Referring to Sunday’s Page 1A story, “Janesville making efforts toward more diverse staff,” I do not disagree with a bit more diversity in city hiring. However, looking at the racial makeup associated with local crime, as well as taxpayer expenses for education and social services, it is clear that in some areas we could use a lot less diversity.

On the 2018 race for governor: Sadly, Congressman Ron Kind has decided not to run for governor. Democrats should consider several outstanding younger, experienced female candidates currently in elected office. Is Wisconsin ready for a woman at the helm?

On man’s sixth DWI: I am calling in regards to The Gazette’s March 13 public record. It’s the felony for drunken driving, sixth offense, and he gets two years in prison. Two years for being drunk on the road six times? What is wrong with our state of Wisconsin?

On removing election signs: This is to those who take and remove election signs: No. 1, you’re abridging my right to free speech, and No. 2, you’re a thief. You’re stealing money out of my pocket. I wish you would think about these before you go any further.

On saving for retirement: I’m sitting here figuring my taxes and just looked at my interest income, a whole whopping $24 in a year, and you people tell us save for retirement. Why don’t I just live on the state and the federal government when I get to retirement age and say, ‘The heck with trying to save money because I’m not getting any money for it.’ I should just draw all my money out of the bank.

On the “Sunday outings” comment from March 12: The person who called in must be very discriminatory against the elderly. They need to realize that the elderly had jobs at one time, too, and have earned the right to be out shopping and enjoying their Sunday mornings.

--I can see where the caller is going with this. You have every day of the week to go out eat, shop or whatever. You are retired. Give us working-class people a chance at Sunday morning breakfast, or be able to go buy our groceries. I work 48 hours a week, and, yes, I have earned that right.

On Wednesday Sound Off comment about the Rock River: I don’t know what this guy is talking about. In the ’90s, I took my boat all the way up to the dam and back, and it was a motorboat. All you have to do is raise your motor, and you can make it all the way up there.


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