Your Views: What happened to civility when disagreeing?

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letter to the editor
Friday, March 17, 2017

I think it is safe to say this past presidential election was the most divisive election in our history. Wisconsin was certainly at the center of it. Despite the tough political battles in our state this past year and years before, we should still be gracious and civil when we disagree. Instead, we have become swept up in political chaos.

Living in this area puts us in an interesting position. The speaker of the House is a member of our community. This frequently pushes our community into the spotlight. Some who oppose Ryan have used this to make a point. I don’t have a problem with that. Protesting his office is their right. Those protests have been respectful and decent. In Wisconsin, we can disagree respectfully, peacefully.

But a line has been crossed when Ryan’s home address has been blasted across social media. Every day, someone is posting his address online. Some of the people posting his address only live a few blocks away. You’re his neighbor. Have you all forgotten that in Wisconsin that still means something? What has been sent to his house is horrendous.

What happened to our country and state where we can disagree but still be civil to each other? What happened to the unspoken rule that family should be left out of the political wars? I ask you: If you have sent something to Paul Ryan, was it something that you would want your children to see written about you?




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