Your Views: Appreciate Schultz’s pledge to help fund dam repair

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letter to the editor
Friday, March 17, 2017

Kudos to Gary Schultz for putting his money where his heart is. I’m proud to call Gary my friend and mentor to our business for many years. He made his living from Janesville, and now he is willing to return the favor.

Anyone who knows him knows he can always find a better way to complete a job. It usually comes down to extreme common sense. He made his living working for many successful Janesville business people and was a first-class operator. There is a reason they hired him; he was the best.

Maybe it’s time the city consult these types of local experts. It’s amazing that the city has historical districts where officials tell you how to renovate your home, but they are willing to change the river forever so easily. It sounds to me like Schultz’s donation makes it $200,000 easier to rebuild the Monterey Dam.




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