Your Views: Seven-figure pay at a nonprofit unjustified

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letter to the editor
Thursday, March 16, 2017

I fully support any executive compensation from a private company as an executive or board sees fit. I do not, however, support a seven-figure salary when the company is a nonprofit.

Furthermore, I have been deterred from volunteering my time as well as donating my money to causes that otherwise could use it (such as Mercy Hospice and House of Mercy) since Javon Bea’s salary would suggest a simple reallocation of funds is all that is needed to significantly help these vital departments.

I applaud Mr. Bea’s diligence, commitment and prowess in bringing Mercy to the standards and size it is at today. However, I feel if his employment is contingent on such egregious compensation, perhaps he should seek employment in the private sector.

Barring his departure, the board should at the very least understand that even a fraction of Mr. Bea’s generous salary could do the area a great service and further support Mercy as an upstanding, responsible corporate citizen of our community.

At a time when there are hard-working families struggling—and in a community where there is homelessness and appointment times are often booked months out—perhaps less focus should be placed on grand architectural facades, countertops clad in granite and justifications for the fiscal compensation of a qualified leader.

Perhaps more time should be spent focusing on how a surplus of funds could be reallocated to benefit the community as a whole. At the any rate, Mercy’s nonprofit status should be reevaluated.




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