Sound Off for Sunday, March 12: Heroin, Mercy's CEO and Steven Bannon

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Gazette Staff
Sunday, March 12, 2017

On heroin: Sitting over here in Elkhorn, I’m looking to get some options for my addicted son, but he’s unable to get any in Janesville. There’s a two-, three-month waiting period for these people to get medicine to help them with their problem. I keep hearing there’s help out there for him, but I don’t think in Janesville. I wish somebody would please step up to the plate with this addiction because it is truly, truly getting out of hand.

On Thursday story, “Mercy CEO salary tops $8 million after merge”: I’m calling about the quote by Rollie McClellan, longtime chairman of Mercy’s board of directors, in regards to Javon Bea’s $8 million-plus pay compensation: “So, I don’t care how people think about it.” Employees at Mercy are hard pressed to get a raise, and it just appalled me to have that quote at the end of that article. This is what’s wrong with Mercy.

-- Is it fair that the CEO of Mercy earns millions while some can’t afford health care? Is something wrong here?

On Sunday outings: I think the old people in Janesville ought to stay home on Sundays and give the people who still have jobs a chance to go out for breakfast and go shopping without all the old people taking up all the space.

On council member Jens Jorgensen questioning consultant expenses: As far as I know, isn’t it our council members’ jobs to question the expenditures of money and questioning why all this money for consulting? As far as I can see, they’re doing their job. That’s what we voted them in for, so what’s the problem?

-- What Jorgensen, backed by Carol Tidwell, is doing is nothing more than political grandstanding, which unfortunately is the way liberals operate these days. Jorgensen and Tidwell would be wise to back off and let City Manager Mark Freitag do his job.

-- Imagine if you went into work tomorrow and told your boss, ‘I’m not listening to you, and the people that I supervise, they’re not listening to you, either.’ If you did that, you’d be fired. That’s what City Manager Mark Freitag did to city council members. Mr. Freitag, your actions were insubordinate and should lead to immediate discharge.

-- Jens Jorgensen needs to venture out into the real world and get a real job, preferably in the military. He would then grasp the chain of command concept. He suffers from the innate liberal delusion that only they know what’s best for the world and all its inhabitants.

On Republican opposition to raising gas tax: Gov. Scott Walker and his buddies are more worried about their appearance as Republicans than solving the shortfall of the DOT funds. Raise the gas tax and let everyone who uses our roads pay for them. We’re billions of dollars in debt, so quit borrowing, especially from the state’s main account.

-- Isn’t it time Walker gets off his high horse and opens his eyes? Raising the gas tax is more sensible than robbing Peter to pay Paul. Almost all people will be paying, not just drivers. Lawnmowers, end loaders, tractors, snowblowers, anything with a gas engine will need gas. Also visitors from out of state will pay.

On Steven Bannon: It took a lot of courage to run the op-ed you have Wednesday on Page 7A, “Bannon far from the evildoer portrayed by media.” You are going to catch a lot of flak for that. How dare you not criticize Steve Bannon.

--Trump, Bannon and the gang, they’re wonderful human beings. They care about everyone. They would never lie or cheat or be double-standard hypocrites.

On Thursday editorial, “GOP plan toxic for women’s health”: The Gazette’s editorial on Planned Parenthood funding should have included the fact that Trump told Planned Parenthood he would fully fund them if they stopped providing abortions. They flatly refused, showing just how important abortions are to them even though they deny this.

On a Good Samaritan: We would like to thank the gentlemen who at Cracker Barrel a few weeks back thanked my husband, an Army vet, for serving and bought our meal. It’s nice to read about good and kind things and have them happen to you.

On the Monterey Dam: An observation by myself is that most people writing about the Monterey Dam want it left there. That sounds like democracy. Please leave the dam where it is.

On downtown Janesville: Why don’t we just rip down the Monterey Hotel like everything else? Give it to the city council.

-- Downtown Janesville is starting to come alive. It looks beautiful. I think the inspiration from the Voigt Music windows is inspiring everyone.


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