Sound Off for Wednesday, March 8: Blain Supply, dam removal and inner beauty

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Gazette staff
Wednesday, March 8, 2017

On Vice President Pence’s visit to Blain Supply: I am so disappointed and disgusted with Farm & Fleet for meeting with Mike Pence and hoping no one would find out. They have lost my business for supporting this disastrous, hate-filled, misogynistic administration. Shame on their CEO, a woman, no less.

— First, Blains are too rich to pay their fair share in taxes. Now they are promoting the Wall Street billionaire’s club of the Bannon, Trump administration with Pence at Blain Supply. I speak with my vote and my wallet. I no longer will go to Farm & Fleet. Who’s with me?

— Rep. Paul Ryan’s political gimmick shows why the public is skeptical of political leaders. Under the guise of delivering a policy talk instead of campaigning, he was able to pay with taxpayer dollars for a jet, 160 law enforcement, the fire department and to disrupt transportation to speak to a very few, hand-selected citizens.

On a better health care plan: The easiest thing to do is give the public exactly what Trump and Ryan have. Very simple: Give us what you have.

On allegations against Attorney General Jeff Sessions: This is really about changing the subject from the fact that Donald Trump knocked it out of the park in his speech the other night. The Democrats know full well that Jeff Sessions didn’t commit perjury, and they didn’t just find out about this.

On Trump saying President Obama is a ‘bad guy’: That’s outrageous. Look at all the great things Obama has done: siccing the IRS on the American citizens for disagreeing with him politically, lying repeatedly about his health care plan in order to pass it, leaving four Americans to die in a foreign country without lifting a finger to help them. These are clearly the actions of a good, decent human being.

On Saturday’s pipeline protest: I feel sorry for the Lake Koshkonong district area. After years of battling lake levels, now there’s this pipeline planned across the Rock River, and a spill of tar sands oil could be devastating for recreation, commerce and wildlife downstream for miles.

On the meaning of beauty: I saw a story on Channel 3 about an Oklahoma girl who says what inner beauty really is, and that is not the face makeup but the heart itself. I just wanted to share that with you, that beauty is inside of all of us.

On a great painting: I would like to say how much I enjoyed Emily Green’s acrylic painting, “Sleeping Dog,” on Thursday, Page 5A. The art students in this area are under all the tutelage of the art teachers bringing out the best in them. This artwork is just great, and we as the public should really support all of these art programs that we have.

On Janesville downtown: Is anybody ever going to restore and reopen that Monterey Hotel? It has been sitting there empty for years.

On advisory group’s vote on dam removal: It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the advisory group voted to remove the dam. Virtually everyone on that panel has a one-track mind leading straight to the proposed downtown and riverfront projects. It’s another prime example of the divide that exists in Janesville: those whose voices are listened to and those who are completely ignored.

On Janesville School Board candidate: I just wanted to say that I was very disappointed that the teachers unions missed a unique opportunity to endorse the young student who is running for school board, Thomas Murphy. He is a very bright, eloquent young man who is dedicated to his campaign, and I think having a student’s voice and concerns on the school board is going to be very beneficial.

On the State Patrol: I wish the State Patrol were giving as much scrutiny to the Interstate as they are to Milton Avenue. Whenever I travel on the Interstate, I see dangerous driving and never see the people who are doing it getting pulled over.

On The Gazette winning Newspaper of the Year: Enough of the backslapping for paper of the year, an award by the media for the media. Ask your readers what they think. My rating, after 40-plus years of subscription, is “C-” at best. A few of my criticisms: biased editorials, poor follow-up on local news stories, incomplete sports. Want more?

On Ted Peck’s Sunday outdoor column (Page 8B): Some of the wording that he used in this column this week I found to be very appalling. Usually I don’t read his column, but for some reason I did, and the wording he used in some of the sentences was just so not right.


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