Uphill Both Ways

Stories and images from the Gazette's education files with reporter Cathy Idzerda.

Uphill Both Ways: A new column from the Gazette's education files

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Monday, March 6, 2017

I know, I know. When you were a child, you walked to school uphill both ways. Classrooms didn't have air conditioning, and the heat didn't work well, either. Children sat in straight rows and minded their manners. Also, nobody ever had a snow day, and they taught math right.

Well, never mind. We're sure it was just the way you remember it.

In this column, we'll be featuring stories and photos from the Gazette's education files. Certainly, you'll read entries about the “good old days.” But you'll also read about explosions at elementary schools, defiant teens, parking lot scandals, school closings and inappropriate earrings.

We're starting with this undated photo because it sums up the spirit of this venture. The forefront features a Janesville police officer doing a bike inspection. In the background, some smarty-pants kid is sticking out his tongue. 

The photo came from a file labeled “Janesville Schools, safety patrol.” No information was available about the image, but it looks like a Janesville Police Department bicycle safety or registration event near Monterey Stadium.

Does anyone know the name of the officer or the child?

I'd also like to know the name of the boy sticking out his tongue.  I'm pretty sure we were separated at birth.

Catherine Idzerda is the education reporter for The Gazette. She can be reached at (608) 755-8259 or cidzerda@gazettextra.com.

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