Sound Off for Sunday, March 5: Jens Jorgensen, Paul Ryan and Republican priorities

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Gazette staff
Sunday, March 5, 2017

On Janesville City Council member Jens Jorgensen: Young Mr. Jens Jorgensen has learned his lesson well from his father. He has brought extreme partisanship to the local level. They are both political opportunists. Good city government and policy are put on the back burner for that one caustic political quip.

— While watching Monday’s council meeting, it was quite apparent that City Manager Mark Freitag does not want to be questioned about the enormous spending for consultant fees. Also apparent are council members Rich Gruber’s and Paul Williams’s desire to once again sweep the entire issue under the rug. Councilman Jorgensen had every right and, more importantly, duty to question the spending simply because an inquiry was requested by city taxpayers, who incidentally are their boss.

On Rep. Paul Ryan’s responsiveness: I would like clarify that of the over 16,000 responses to his constituents that were sent out from his office, many are duplicate form letters and emails. It doesn’t take much time or effort to change a name and address. I’ve received numerous duplicate letters and emails sent by Ryan’s office that do not address the concerns I have shared.

On complaints about publishing certain opinions: The Gazette publishes articles both for and against Ryan. They also publish articles both for and against Trump, and it’s The Gazette’s right to do so. It’s the newspaper. It’s just showing both opinions.

On Tuesday op-ed, “Wake up America: You elected an entrepreneur”: This country is not a business. It’s a country, and you cannot run a country like a business.

— His whole premise is not accurate. Trump is not an entrepreneur. He inherited his father’s business, and it’s a closed business, family owned. If you look up what an entrepreneur is, I don’t think that’s him.

— Trump inherited the family business, he ran up massive debt and declared bankruptcy repeatedly as a business practice. He skimmed millions from his casinos and regularly reneged on contracts. An entrepreneur is an innovator and risk taker. Donald Trump is a spoiled rich brat.

On Republican priorities: I want to puke whenever time I read a Gazette headline like the last one about it being a landmark decision that Republican Trump wants to spend more money on military. Reagan did the same thing. Every Republican has wanted to reward contractors to the detriment of people who need basic social services.

On disrespectful Democrats: Watching President Trump’s address to Congress on Tuesday, I thought it was a disgrace when Democrats Keith Ellison and Debbie Wasserman Schultz remained seated like cold stones when the Navy SEAL’s widow was honored. It was very telling what some Democrats think of the veterans that put their lives on the line for our country.

On Obamacare: So the Republican Congress will tell 20 million Americans they no longer will have Obama health care? Someone needs to tell the insensitive Republicans that those 20 million American taxpayers paid for their health care.

On protesters: They have no idea that security is the most important issue in this country. No security, no freedom. No freedom, no quality of life. We owe these illegals nothing.

On Milton High School’s use of a bowling alley: First, they continually talk about a new high school, which the voters have turned down in referendum. Now they want to use the bowling alley for an indoor sports complex at what cost? Milton, get your priorities straight. How about education?

On the Monterey Dam: If the president of the United States is trying to drain the swamp, why is ARISE and the city council trying to create a swamp? Please leave the dam alone.

— Janesville has a tendency just to take everything out as an easy solution. A lot of people enjoy fishing down there; they love being down by the dam. Just leave it alone. Quit ripping everything out, like there was no reason to rip the parking lot out downtown behind the Olde Towne Mall. They should have left it and fixed it.

On the Newville I-90/39 onramp: Mark my words, there’s going to be a serious accident at the I-90/39 eastbound Newville onramp due to poor design.

On speeders: When did the speed limit on highways 11 and 14 change from 55 mph to 70 mph or 80 mph, and nobody is doing a cotton-picking thing about it.

On daylight saving time: I say if the Legislature can control the sunlight, I’ll lobby for 16 hours of sun and eight hours of darkness.


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