Sound Off for Wednesday, March 1: The Oscars, transgender rights, town halls

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Gazette staff
Wednesday, March 1, 2017

On the night scene: Regarding the Sunday Sound Off on the loud music in the bars, I would rather have loud music in a bar than have to sit with someone, my wife or a friend, and talk over the F-bombs that are being throwing around. There's nothing worse than language like that going on in public.

On city spending on consultants (Sunday, Page 3A): Janesville City Manager Mark Freitag spent nearly $700,000 in the past year on consultants, but the most alarming facts are that he did it with no oversight and no vote from the city council. No wonder Janesville is broke. This needs to be corrected yesterday. As a taxpayer, I commend the efforts of Vice President Jens Jorgensen for exposing this unbelievable flaw.

On the Monterey Dam: I heard that the people who are pushing to have the Monterey Dam yanked out are saying that both costs for the removal and the repair are cost neutral. That is not true. They are not. The $700,000 for the repair is built on actual bids; the $1.1 million estimated for removal is just that—an estimate, not bids. We haven't gotten to that part yet. So they are not cost neutral. People who are saying that are being very disingenuous.

On town hall meetings: I would like to say shame on Sen. Ron Johnson, shame on House Speaker Paul Ryan. They didn't have the guts to hold a town hall. At least other senators are holding town hall meetings whether they like what they hear or not.

On Obamacare: What is going to happen to us, the working poor, once the Affordable Care Act is repealed, and will it ever be replaced at all?

On Trump protests: I don't agree with everything Trump says, but I really wish the Democrats would put away their protests and marching shoes and put on some working shoes for once.

On protests versus tea party movement: There are two big differences. First off, the tea party was grassroots and wasn't orchestrated like this. Second, President Trump will not use the IRS to go after these people the way Barack Obama did.

On White House briefings excluding some news organizations: If you're going to get respect, you need to conduct yourself with integrity. These news organizations have not done that, and it is not at all out of the ordinary for White Houses to invite who they want to informal briefings.

On illegal immigration: The fact that there are millions of aliens here illegally is the result of no immigration policy and enforcement on the part of administrations, both Democrat and Republican, dating back how many decades.

On transgender rights: I watched a spokesman for the Democratic Party explain that your gender is whatever you think it is. Really? What if I think I'm another species? If I think I'm a white-tailed deer, am I then a white-tailed deer? Imagine trying to feed this nonsense to the public 100 years ago. They would put you in an insane asylum.

— Why do all public bathrooms not have stalls, and then why wouldn't any bathroom be used by anyone? Time to end the Jim Crow gender discrimination. Nobody cares what's in your underwear.

On the Oscars: We have “La La Land,” a movie about Hollywood, versus “Moonlight,” a movie about a gay black man. So you had Hollywood's own narcissism versus its white guilt, and white guilt won out in no small part because last year they got hammered for not having any black nominees. So this year, they gave the whole shebang to the African-American crowd. What do you expect from a bunch of people who play pretend for a living?

On “Sitting pretty (comfy)” (Saturday, Page 1A): I applaud the Janesville schools (for trying out new furniture in schools). What a simple, easy thing to do, and the cushioned milk crates, I think that is just so cool.

On The Gazette's crossword puzzle: I like starting my day doing the universal crossword, but lately I have had to use my pen in one hand and a magnifying glass in the other. There is nothing wrong with my eyesight. Can you please enlarge the print of the puzzle?

On daylight saving time: I'm calling in response to the Sunday Sound Off on daylight saving time. I don't believe that anyone still thinks that setting the clocks back one way or the other is going to effect the amount of sunlight that comes. We're going to get the same amount of sunlight no matter what time our human-being clocks say. I think the person who called in just totally doesn't understand the concept, so please print this one.


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