Sound Off for Sunday, Feb. 26: Protesters, night scene and neighborhood blight

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Gazette staff
Sunday, February 26, 2017

On anti-Paul Ryan protests: I’m calling about the postcards that are going to be delivered to Ryan’s office. I feel these people should be fined for littering. We can’t go and dump things on other people’s lawns. That’s invading their privacy.

— Paul Ryan says his congressional office only accepts comments from residents of Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. But instead of meeting those residents in a town hall last week, he toured the U.S.-Mexico border, apparently to study an issue that is of importance to all Americans, not just those of us in southern Wisconsin. Based on last week’s actions, Ryan’s comment policy is hypocritical. His border tour was a cowardly copout.

— Don’t these people realize they are just small constituents, and they don’t matter? Paul Ryan is Paul Ryan. He is speaker of the House. He’s into big bucks now.

— This is for all the protesters who like to protest against Paul Ryan and who like to protest against the president. I think what these people need to do is buy an airplane ticket, either set up shop in Syria or Iran and request from both of those governments that you need a cry room so you can have a place to cry.

On Wednesday editorial, “Critical thinking under siege”: The truth is it’s not under siege. Critical thinking is dead, and the faculties at these colleges are the ones who killed it. This didn’t happen because Trump was elected. This has been going on for years; their hair is just on fire because of Trump.

— You guys are right. Those white, conservative Christians have had it so rough these last 400 years. Nothing but persecution and bigotry against them. They deserve better.

On Trump bills: Obama spent $12 million his first whole year in office on travel. Trump has already spent $10 million on travel in just his first month. How can the taxpayers sustain this excessiveness?

On immigration bans: In 1907, President Theodore Roosevelt signed an immigration act which excluded idiots, imbeciles, feeble-minded persons, epileptics and insane persons from being admitted to the United States.

On Janesville School District’s phone system: Let me get this straight. We have an ice storm, and Superintendent Karen Schulte decides to hold school, even though every school in the area is closed. Now they want to spend a half million dollars on a new phone system? Seems to me June can’t come soon enough for her retirement.

— In the past 10 to 18 years, I believe voters approved over $100 million for facility upgrades, which included technology and phone system. There have been no upgrades for the past seven or eight years under Superintendent Schulte. Hopefully, our new superintendent will address similar issues by looking forward and not blaming the past.

On Thursday’s self-portrait, Page 4A: This young lady named Emily Green that did a self-portrait in oil paint, I believe this girl should go out for modeling. If I could see the other side of her face, I know she’s a beauty.

On the night scene: When I go to a bar, I usually want to have a conversation either with the person I’m with or others, and the first thing I look for is the loudness of the music. If the music is too loud and I have to scream at the bartender to order or I can’t communicate with another bar patron, that’s a bar I’m going to vacate.

On drunken driving enforcement: We’re never going to get drunken driving under control until we adopt roadblocks like Illinois and other states.

On daylight saving time: It’s sad that the state lawmakers did not consider how much of our water supply would evaporate due to the extra hour of sunlight each day caused by keeping daylight saving time.

On AB70 and SB42, bills introduced in the Legislature: This is to all you legislators: Trying to take away transparency is just another way of trying to get away with things you don’t want the public to know. Bills AB70 and SB42 will show citizens of Wisconsin just how underhanded you are. You tried it once before in the middle of the night, and it didn’t work. If everything is so aboveboard, why are you trying to keep transparency from the public eye?

On a tough-looking Janesville neighborhood: I’ve lived here 63-plus years, and I was driving around Janesville the other day, and I can see how it’s deteriorating. It’s really showing the poverty, especially around the Five Points area by Mineral Point, Oakhill and Court streets. People are just not taking care of their homes. Something needs to be done holding people accountable.


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