Your Views: Oppose a Rock County tar-sands superhighway

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Letter to the editor
Monday, February 20, 2017

The Line 61 pipeline corridor, which crosses Rock County, may soon pump the most tar sands oil in the world. It is much more corrosive and dangerous than conventional oil. Leaks are inevitable.

Enbridge, a $42 billion Canadian pipeline company, plans to expand its Line 61 by increasing pumping pressure through existing lines. They also want to build a twin pipeline next to it called Line 66.

Enbridge could use eminent domain to take as much as 200 feet more land from property owners. There goes your 200-year-old tree or even your house! A group formed to bring awareness is called 80 Feet Is Enough!

They have put up four billboards on major highways in Wisconsin. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner has sponsored legislation to create eminent domain protections. Will other legislators step up to the plate to protect our property rights?

There are no good cleanup methods for tar sands oil spills. The 2010 spill in the Kalamazoo River was never completely restored after spending $1.2 billion. The tar sands sank in water and chemicals, such as benzene, evaporated.

I am concerned because Line 61 crosses eastern Rock County just upstream from Lake Koshkonong. A bad spill could travel down the Rock River to Janesville. Some of the Kalamazoo spill traveled 35 miles. I don’t think Rock County and Wisconsin should be the superhighway of tar sands oil. Too little gain with all the pain.




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