Sound Off for Sunday, Feb. 19: Blain Supply, Monterey Dam and bomb threats

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Gazette Staff
Sunday, February 19, 2017

On Janesville settling Blain Supply lawsuit over assessment: As a small business owner in Janesville and also a Gazette reader, I find it appalling that Blain Supply can’t afford their taxes due to turning their corporate lawyers onto the city. Maybe if Blains can’t afford their taxes, they ought to have a GoFundMe page.

On Craig High School bomb threats: It’s time that the Janesville School District does something about this and quits letting these people off the hook. It’s time you start giving these kids that are doing this a penalty like an expensive fine, $1,000, and if they can’t pay it, then they do community service.

On last week’s Milton School Board meeting: At that meeting, there were also some allegations regarding racism and bullying in the school, and I sure hope that is investigated because that is very serious and affects the overall learning environment.

On the Monterey Dam: I just listened to Janesville City Manager Mark Freitag on a WCLO talk show. He was talking about the tearing out of the Monterey Dam and said the city has no position on that, but you could have fooled me. Any time someone called and questioned his handpicked experts or disagreed with him, he accused them of using ‘alternative facts.’ I couldn’t believe it. Disrespectful.

— That is an historical dam and has been there forever. That is a beautiful area down there, and it should stay as is.

— I feel it’s a very good idea to let the water flow again as it did naturally. I believe, in seeing other places where they removed dams, the water is actually cleaner, and the fish are actually good game fish, versus carp and other types of undesirable fish.

— This is in response to the Wednesday Sound Off caller who’s asking if the dam is removed, what happens. He asks about 10 questions, and the answer is nothing, nothing, nothing and nothing. Traxler Park is controlled by the Centerway Dam. The fish are not going to leave because the dam is gone. The eagles are not going to go. The water level will improve. Things will be better. Dams are not necessarily good.

— All that dam does now is create a very shallow muck- and goose poop-filled pond. Yank it out and let the river go back to the way it was, even if it is only for a short distance.

On women’s basketball: I’m just curious as to how many sports fans actually follow women’s college basketball other than perhaps on a state or local level. Again, just wondering.

On building walls: I would love to be able to put up a soundproof wall between myself and my neighbor, so I can actually sleep on the weekend.

On leaks in Trump administration: Apparently, to replace people in certain jobs in Washington, it is taking longer than it should because there are a lot of leftover Democrats in positions that could do these leaks. President Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, but he needs to drain the swamp a lot quicker than he is because there’s some nasty alligators still left in Washington, D.C.

On Rep. Paul Ryan: Mr. Ryan, you still have no backbone. Michael Flynn and others in the Trump cabinet have put our country in a state of emergency, and you don’t have the guts to stand up again to Trump.

On life not being fair: Why does it appear from people’s perspective, the ones that are poor, that greed appears to control everything. What is happening here? Everybody, I thought, was supposed to be equal.

— How come every time I read a pro-Republican article in the paper or in Sound Off does it make it sound like trying to help the poor, the homeless and the disabled is a bad thing?

On commuting GM workers: This is on the Wednesday Sound Off comment on “Journey’s end” (Feb. 12, Page 1A). Everyone had the same choice whether or not to work at GM. It’s amazing there are still people who are jealous of the GM employees. If it weren’t for GM, most, if not all, small businesses would not have started. Grow up and quit complaining as always about GM employees.

On Good Samaritans: Our two families would like to thank all the Good Samaritans who helped the two sisters that fell in the parking lot of St. William’s Church the night of Feb. 11. The simple gesture of a blanket and comforting words goes a long way in a time of need.

On dog show winner from Edgerton: I watched the dog show on TV last year and was disappointed because I thought Rumor was the winner. Glad she came back to gain her crown. Wonderful dog.


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