Your Views: Residents want to keep the dam

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letter to the editor
Thursday, February 16, 2017

I recently heard Janesville City Manager Mark Freitag talk about removing or repairing the Monterey Dam. He raised concerns about the ongoing costs if we repair it. The dam would need to be inspected every decade and maintenance performed probably every half a century. Wow.

For many of us, that's hardly a price to pay for the certainty to keep the beautiful Monterey bay intact.

Without the dam, the bay as we know it would be turned into a stinky retention pond holding stagnant runoff water. There could also be who-knows-what unintended, costly surprises. I missed that being pointed out on the city's website. Probably a simple oversight. Oh well.

Mr. Freitag, it's time to stop force feeding your $5 so-called facts. It's time to personally show up to one of your informational sessions (you haven't yet), tone down your rhetoric and actually listen. Listen to what the people want.

They want to keep what they have. They want to keep the dam.




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