Your Views: End tax credit to fund roads

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letter to the editor
Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gov. Scott Walker has declared that he will not break his promise to not raise taxes while he is in office. The governor believes that when things wear out and need to be replaced, you just take money from other needed services, such as schools, the Department of Natural Resources or the UW System to fix the problems.

He takes no issue with borrowing extensively and passing these debts to his children’s and grandchildren’s generations, nor does he see this as a new tax on them. He is willing to raise the gas tax as long as funding for other service areas are cut.

There is a simple solution right before his very eyes. The manufacturing and agriculture tax credit was slipped into the 2011 budget at the last minute with no public hearing and no public awareness. By the end of Walker’s 2017-2019 budget, this tax credit will have cost the state $1.4 billion. This is money that would have been coming to the treasury to be used to pay Wisconsin’s bills. More than 75 percent of the credit claimed goes to individuals with incomes north of $1 million per year. Eleven people making more than $30 million annually received $22 million in tax credits.

The simple answer to funding our needed road repairs is to raise the gas tax and to end this tax credit. Instead of giving money to millionaires and cutting funds for our schools, use this revenue to fix our roads and bridges.



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