Sound Off for Wednesday, Feb. 15: GM workers, Monterey Dam, Walker's budget

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Gazette staff
Wednesday, February 15, 2017

On Bud and Jean Schwartzlow: I thoroughly enjoyed the story about Bud and Jean Schwartzlow (“Enduring love,” Sunday, Page 3A), former owners of the Town and Country Restaurant. We spent many enjoyable times there on Friday nights and coffee every morning before going to work, and the story itself is lovely because these were two of the nicest people that ever had a business in Janesville. It's so nice to hear that they are still very active. Congratulations to both of them.

On Sunday's “Journey's end,” Page 1A: I just want to say that these people at GM that went down to Indiana did have a choice to go there. They made good money. It sounds like they're heroes putting in all these hours. What about the small business person in town that puts in 12, 14 hours a day? When the times are slim, they make sure that their bills are paid, their employees are paid, and sometimes they don't get a paycheck themselves.

On Monterey Dam: If the Janesville City Council makes the foolish decision to yank out the Monterey Dam, the Rock River in that area will recede, and guess what? Janesville will be the proud new owner of acres and acres of mud. This will include what is now the beautiful Monterey bay. One of the presenters said it would turn into a retention pond. It will become one big mud pit if you ask me.

— For me, some of the most beautiful moments in Janesville were at the Monterey bay, either watching a sunrise with my grandchildren or a full moon reflecting on the water with my sweetheart. By removing the dam, the bay will be a stinky retention pond. Once the dam is gone, it's gone forever. Remember that. Keep the dam.

— If the dam is removed, what happens to the water flow on Afton, Beloit, Rockford and so on? What about the fishing on South River Road by the bridge or the eagles' nests that are there because of the fish? What about the water coming from north? Will that affect Traxler Park and the Aqua Jays? Before the dam is removed, any change that might affect the river north or south needs to be addressed.

On Traxler Park: Traxler Park ice skating was a Janesville tradition for decades. Then the city was gullible enough to purchase inferior ice enhancement equipment, which never worked. Now we have the warming house available for beer parties instead.

On Janesville native running for Minnesota governor: Kudos to Erin Murphy for running for governor of Minnesota. I just wish she were in our state so she could run against Scott Walker or Paul Ryan. We need somebody with a spine and backbone to stand up to President Bannon and his mouthpiece, Trump, and all the millionaires and billionaires who are changing our world as we know it, and we need to do something now.

On Trump supporters: This goes out to all of the Republican politicians, especially in Wisconsin. A lot of us voted for Trump as president because he wasn't like you. So don't get your ego up too much. We like Donald Trump. We don't really care for the Republicans, though.

On Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposal: Walker's budget sounded pretty good, didn't it? But he didn't mention how much money he will be borrowing on the state's credit card, or if there would be a payment on the other credit card loans. It's a habit to kick it down the road. He's only trying to be so generous because he wants another term. Then what?

On proposal to end daylight saving time: What the heck are they thinking of? Don't they have anything else to do in the office but think about things that we've done for years? Come on, senators. Get to things that are really important about the state of Wisconsin.

On Feb. 8 editorial, “Criticism of club's hunt misdirected”: I really think it's in poor taste to attack an animal protection organization that's trying to actually help animals and the environment.

On alcohol beverage lobby: On Page 4A, Friday, in “Other Views,” a spokesperson for the American Beverage Institute says that their ads don't really have an effect on the very viewers that they're counting on to use their product for the rest of their lives. It all seems just a little disingenuous.

On Janesville teacher: The Janesville multicultural teacher program in The Gazette on Monday (Page 1A) has and continues to receive much praise. Perhaps it is time for an in-depth article on why so many teachers leave the district after just a short stay. There is much discontent with teachers in Janesville.


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