Your Views: When liberals lose, America wins

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letter to the editor
Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Liberals are exposing themselves as the people they really are. Are they on the road to extinction? I believe so. They are dying of public reaction.

It has become clear that they are the party of hypocrisy, dissent, ethnic conflict, race baiting, violent rioting, immorality and treason. Liberalism has become a disease, a culmination of all of the Saul Alinskys, Cesar Chavezes and Barack Obamas.

If their followers adore the communist ideology so much, there are so many communist countries they can go to indulge in their subversive activities. Last I checked, this country is still a republic governed by laws (not man) and not a democracy (mob rule).

Liberals would have you believe that they are compassionate, benevolent guardians of the poor.

In reality, they are the exploiters of the poor using them for votes and as stepping stones to power so they can divide and conquer. They operate on hate.

They don't embrace America; they apologize for it. They even have whites apologize for being white. Most liberals can't define there own purpose. They become unhinged in the face of adversity. Just look at Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer. They are opposites of everything this nation represents.

Liberals want mass, unvetted illegal immigration. This is the fastest way to take America down.

They vote against their own prosperity and think America itself is the biggest problem in the world. When liberals lose, America wins!




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