Your Views: Proposed pipeline poses major risk to Rock County

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letter to the editor
Friday, February 10, 2017

I hope many of you read the series published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently about a proposed tar sands pipeline.

If approved, this pipeline would run through 16 Wisconsin counties, including Rock County, on its way south to the Gulf of Mexico. If and when completed, 1.2 million barrels of tar sands oil would flow through Wisconsin daily.

This is problematic for many reasons. First, all pipelines leak and spill at some point in time. Tar sand is a goopy, gloppy material, and for it to flow in a pipeline, toxic chemicals, such as benzene, are added to the mix. The proposed path for this pipeline cuts under the Rock River, which would endanger Rock County residents in the event of a spill.

Second, the state of Wisconsin will gain nothing from this pipeline. In fact, the U.S. gains nothing from it, either. The only entity to profit is Enbridge.

Third, the state of Wisconsin had a law on the books opposing eminent domain in the case of private profit. However, the company pressured the Legislature to change state law on eminent domain. If the pipeline is built, landowners will be forced to hand over pieces of their land solely for this foreign, private company’s profit.

Wisconsin residents have nothing to gain, but they have everything to lose from land to potential public health risks with this pipeline. I say we need to get involved now to stop it from ever being built in the first place.




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