Your Views: Put an end to Obamacare tax

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letter to the editor
Saturday, January 7, 2017

As if running a business wasn’t hard enough, Obamacare is about to levy a new tax on us. Messaged as a “health insurance fee,” Obamacare created what is essentially a health insurance sales tax that is passed on to small businesses and employees.

Simply known as the Health Insurance Tax (HIT) now, this tax does nothing but increase the cost of health insurance premiums and take money out of our business and our employees’ pockets.

According to a study by economist and former Congressional Budget Office Director Douglas Holtz-Eakin, this HIT will cost our small business and other small businesses around the country about $500 per year, per employee. That’s $500 we can’t offer in salary increases or other benefits. We already spend over $5000/month insuring our eight employees.

The HIT is so ridiculous, even Democrats that voted for Obamacare have turned on it. In fact, bipartisan legislation has delayed the implementation of HIT until next year. But now is the time to end HIT once and for all. We don’t need stop gap fixes. We need to put an end to this dumb tax.

Call Rep. Paul Ryan and tell him to stop the HIT. Tell him that a full repeal of HIT should be the top priority of this new Congress.


Genoa City


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