Your Views: Rail line proponents have many questions to answer

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Letter to the editor
Friday, January 6, 2017

In regards to the proposed new rail line bypassing Chicago and entering Wisconsin via Rock County, the following questions should be asked of the proponents in order for all those involved and affected to completely understand the project in order to reach an intelligent decision:

1) How many trains per day are expected to use the route now and in the future?

2) Will the right of way be of such a width as to accommodate one set of tracks or two?

3) To what train speed criteria will the line be built to?

4) Will all public road crossings be guarded?

5) Will the trains be under Positive Control?

6) What railroad company(s) will operate the trains?

7) What will be the anticipated ultimate destinations of the trains?

8) Have the affected towns/cities been notified of the potential increase in rail traffic?

9) Will there be an interchange yard at the connection with the Wisconsin Southern railroad at Milton?

Over the years numerous rail lines have been abandoned running west and northwest out of Chicago. Have these abandoned right-of ways been evaluated for reactivation and possible incorporation into the project?

There are also existing lines that are underutilized and could be used in conjunction with the project. These too should be evaluated for possible incorporation.

The answers to the above will beg other questions the proponents should be willing to explore, answer and bring to the table.




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