Your Views: Low-income families need help with dental care

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letter to the editor
Thursday, January 5, 2017

In the coming days, the Rock County Board of Supervisors will meet with the Rock County Board of Public Health to discuss the expansion of dental health care for low-income Rock County residents. This expansion is vital to the public health of Janesville.

Dental health check-ups are crucial to the overall health of children and adults but are often disregarded by low-income individuals due to lack of dental insurance or funds. Medicaid does not provide full dental coverage to adults, leaving these low-income individuals to cover many expenses out of their own pocket. The proposed expansion could help cover the cost gap by working with low-income dental health providers such as HealthNet.

This money could also go towards the expansion of prevention programs aimed towards children, such as sealants and fluoridation programs. Numerous public health studies show that children with poorer oral health are more likely to experience pain, perform more poorly in school and even miss school than their healthy counterparts.

The $25,000 request has the ability to change the lives of thousands of Rock County residents who are with limited or no dental coverage. I deeply urge residents of Janesville to contact their board supervisors to support this action.




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