Your Views: A plea to Ryan's supporters

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letter to the editor
Thursday, January 5, 2017

So that readers understand my bias, I live in Oregon, Wisconsin, but for much of my adult life (35 years) I lived in Elkhorn and labored for Democratic candidates in Walworth County.

However I'm writing to ask a favor of 1st Congressional District Republican backers of Congressman Paul Ryan (230,000 of you gave him a whopping 65 percent of the vote).

Ryan will soon be advocating for profound changes in our health care. He has made no secret that he is for repealing the Affordable Care Act, changing Medicaid insurance by giving block grants to states and privatizing Medicare by giving individual recipients a voucher to purchase their own private insurance. My bet is that fewer people will be insured than currently and service coverage will be greatly diminished. But I may be wrong. Ryan tells us he has solutions and not to worry.

About 1 million people in Wisconsin are covered by Medicaid, another 1.1 million people have Medicare and about 235,000 people are newly insured through the ACA. That means approximately 40 percent of all Wisconsin residents will be affected by Ryan's proposals, and about 290,000 folks in the 1st Congressional District, many of whom certainly voted for Ryan.

Here's my request for all Ryan voters: Please follow Ryan's actions on health care, let him know you voted for him and tell him how you feel about the health care changes he hopes to make.




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