Roettger faces Stewart in race for Rock County treasurer

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Xavier Ward
Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Michelle Roettger and Wendy Stewart are facing off Tuesday in the race for Rock County treasurer.

Roettger, who running as a Democrat, has worked in the treasurer's office for six years and touts her knowledge and experience.

Stewart, who running as a Republican, works in the private sector.

The Gazette asked the candidates these questions:

Q: Why are you running for treasurer?

Roettger: “I’m ready; it’s moving up. It’s like going from waitressing to cashiering to management; you move up the ladder. That’s exactly what I’m doing, from Account Clerk 2, learning the accountant’s duties, working with the deputy (treasurer) and then to treasurer,” Roettger said.

Stewart: “It’s just time. I figured out this is what I want to do with my life, whether I’m doing it in the private sector like I am now or doing it for the county.”

Q: What makes you the better candidate? 

Roettger: “The knowledge and experience and being in the office for almost six years. I know the daily job routine; I know the monthly reports; I know the state statutes and how they’re applied.”

Stewart: “I think I’m the best candidate because I have management experience. I understand the big picture more so than (someone) standing at the counter collecting taxes, or doing the roles of one of the other office people. The treasurer actually has a lot more expanded duties in terms of overall management, working with all of the municipalities and all of the clerk-treasurers and working upward with the state.”

Q: What’s the biggest issue in Rock County?

Roettger: While the treasurer’s office does not make policy decisions, making sure things are done on time is important, Roettger said. Foreclosures, which are a considerable revenue source for the county, must be processed in a timely manner. Every task must be catalogued and accounted for, she said.

Stewart: “When you think about Rock County from this position, obviously making sure the county is collecting taxes, making sure those are done on time.” she said. The office also has the difficult task of working with people who are behind on their tax payments, she said.

Q: What would you do differently from the current treasurer?

Roettger: “I don’t think I’d do anything really differently because it’s working really well.” 

Stewart: Stewart said the office runs pretty smoothly. “But as I get into my role there, there are going to be technological innovation changes; there are going to be changes at the state level for laws; what Vicki (Brown) may have done or may have followed through on a certain idea or way to implement things, obviously I’ll do it differently as we’re two different people.”

Stewart said she would support more charity fundraisers, such as the treasurer’s office’s United Way fundraiser, because they have a big impact in the community.

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