Q&A: Rock County register of deeds

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Jim Dayton
Wednesday, June 22, 2016

JANESVILLE--Democratic candidates for Rock County register of deeds Sandy Disrud and Andy Jorgensen spoke Wednesday at a forum hosted by the Democratic Party of Rock County.

Candidates running in contested primaries for six offices had the opportunity to answer audience questions. The race for register of deeds has no Republican candidates, meaning the Aug. 9 partisan primary will decide the race.

Disrud is the deputy register of deeds, and Jorgensen is a state representative for the 43rd Assembly district. Here are their answers to some questions asked Wednesday night:

Q: What makes you the best candidate for this office?

Disrud: She said her experience as deputy gives her an opportunity to perform the job when incumbent Randal Leyes is out of the office. This will give her a seamless transition into the role, she said.

Jorgensen: He said his time running for elected offices gives him experience and that it doesn't matter if he has not worked in the register of deeds office.

“Randy Leyes worked in his family's flower shop before he became Rock County register of deeds,” he said. “You can learn this job.”

Q: How will you make sure politics does not play a role in your decision making for this office?

Jorgensen: The responsibilities of the job are clear because they are defined by state statute, he said. Even in his role as a state legislator, he said, he strives to keep an open line of communication between Democrats and Republicans.

Disrud: It will be easy for her to follow state statutes because she is not a politician, she said. She would treat people fairly and follow the laws that govern the office.

Q: Often elections are processes that divide people who share common goals. How will you bring people back together before November?

Disrud: She emphasized it is important to work together and wants to run a clean campaign.

Jorgensen: He remains friends with people he has campaigned against in the past and said running a campaign is just part of the process.

Q: If elected, what will you do to be a leader in the Democratic Party?

Jorgensen: He understands people may not be familiar with the role of register of deeds and would work to make sure people are informed, he said. Education is key to making sure everyone, regardless of party affiliation, is on the same page, he said.

Disrud: She loves volunteering, whether that be at church or a festival, and would carry that over to the Democratic Party, she said.

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