Your Views: A soldier's prayer from long ago might help others in strife today

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Letter to the editor
Monday, February 29, 2016

I served in the Army during the Korean War. Shortly after the war went to a cease-fire, I was reassigned to Fort Benning, Georgia. One morning, shortly after I woke up, I wrote this prayer. I only hope that someone else can be helped by reading these words.

After reading about all the terrorist actions, wars and other murders this past week, I am sure that others can use some help.




As dawn's first ray streams o'er the sky,

And day's first light goes shining high,

And sun's first beam looks down on me,

I hear a far off reveille.


I've seen the bloodshed and those gored

By hate too many hearts outpoured;

So; here's my prayer from feelings stored

Too long within my heart. —Dear Lord,


I come to you with heartfelt plea

To ease the pain and misery,

Where devils cheer in murderous mirth

While man kills man upon God's Earth.


Dear Lord! That man might see the light,

And start to love and cease to fight,

And help another when he can

To be a gentler, wiser man.


For man was never meant to mar

This Earth with all his bitter war;

So Lord, I pray that this may be:

That Earth, from hatred shall be free.




I wrote this late in 1953. I finished my enlistment in 1955.




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