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Graduation: Parkview students say goodbye to old building

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Nick Crow
Sunday, May 31, 2015

ORFORDVILLE—The final graduating class from Parkview High School's old building prepared for the ceremony in its hallways Sunday.

Next year, the high school moves into a new facility, while the elementary school makes the existing high school its new home.

Parkview students had a beautiful day for the ceremony on the school's football field. Last year, the threat of storms chased graduates into the gymnasium.

Here are some sights and sounds from Sunday's festivities:


Hailey Gestrich finished at the top of her class. Her twin sister, Mariah, finished in the top five. Because she was born first by several minutes, Mariah said she is the smarter one.

"I've been listening to her reciting her speech over and over, like 100 times," Mariah said jokingly. "The best parts were my idea."

Mariah said she wished her sister success but would laugh if Hailey fainted while giving her speech.

"I could step in and finish it then," Mariah said.

You have to see my hat

Parkview students have a tradition of dressing up their mortarboards with inspirational or funny messages. Some of the best messages were:

—A "Toy Story"-themed hat saying "To infinity and beyond."

—A Warner Brothers-themed hat saying "That's all, folks."

—"A world awaits."

—"Thank you, mom."

—"Four years later ..."

—"Adventure is out there."

—A "Star Trek"-themed hat stating "Live long, prosper."

—A "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme: "Smell ya later."

End of the line

The phrase "end of the line" had dual meanings for Reid White on Sunday. Not only was he walking through the halls of Parkview for the last time, but he was also the last person to take his seat during the processional at the ceremony's start.

Everyone got to decide where they wanted to be, so he and his friends chose the end, he said.

"I'm really excited about finally being out of high school," he said.

White will attend Gateway Technical College in Kenosha this fall.

"I am going to miss seeing a lot of my friends every day though," he said.

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