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Graduation: Brodhead graduates ready for next step

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Nick Crow
Sunday, May 31, 2015

BRODHEAD — The program for Brodhead High School's graduation ceremony reminded students and attendees that Sunday's graduates now have a responsibility.

It reads, "It's not just what you know, it's what you do with what you know."

That was the tone for the graduation, held inside Brodhead's gym.

Here is a look at the day:

'Short and sweet'

Valedictorian Erin Marchant has wanted to be at the top of her class since fifth grade. Now that she's there, she wanted to share the spotlight. That's why she and salutatorian Cassandra McGuire delivered their graduation speeches together.

"The message to the class is that miles may separate us, but memories will bond us," she said. "It will be short and sweet."

Marchant said the advice she would give to herself as a freshman would be to spend as much time as she can with friends and to be involved at school.

No failures

Marchant said the most interesting thing about Brodhead's Class of 2015 is that no one failed a senior class project on the first try. That is the first time that has happened, she said.

"That just shows that we are all really close," she said.

Growing up together

Rebecca Pinnow echoed Marchant's sentiments, saying that most of her classmates have known one another since elementary school. That closeness, she said, is what makes her class unusual.

"I enjoyed it," she said. "It goes by fast, and then you only have memories."

Tim Fisher said he was excited to be finished with school, but he knows he won't see his friends as much and will miss them.

"I'm happy to get out of here, but it went by real quick," he said.

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