Two incumbents lose Edgerton School Board seats

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Jake Magee
Tuesday, April 7, 2015

EDGERTON—Two of three Edgerton School Board incumbents were knocked from their seats Tuesday night.

Newcomers Steve Zartman and Steven Doll secured board positions with 930 and 666 votes respectively. Incumbent Derek Ninmer stays on the board for a second term with 732 votes.

All three winners said the district is ready for some changes.

“I think that the community as a whole isn't necessarily happy with some of the decisions that have been made recently,” Doll said.

“There was some concern … about way things have been trending,” Ninmer agreed.

Ninmer's priority will be making sure all members of the board are on the same page moving forward.

“We're going to have to figure out what it is as a board we're going to do now that there are two new members,” he said.

Doll and Zartman, for their parts, are ready to begin the hard work. Balancing budget constraints against district facility maintenance, heating and cooling needs are a big concern, Doll said.

“We can't continue to put these off,” he said.

Having worked in the school district for more than a decade, Zartman is no stranger to its needs. He understands the district's dire financial situation and plans to address it.

“Making sure that we're making sound decisions, whether it's financially or … regarding our staffing or our programs” is a goal, Zartman said. “Making sure we put our money in the right place is going to be the biggest priority.”

Doll said not just tolerating but encouraging community involvement is a surefire way to boost community contributions, whether they be time, energy or money.

“One goal of mine is to push for more community involvement with the meetings to get a broader spectrum on possible solutions,” Doll said.

Without the community's help, “we wouldn't have a lot of the programs that we have,” he said.

All three said they are in it for the kids.

Ninmer wants to “keep moving our district forward and being a district of choice for our children,” he said.

“Every decision has the best interests of the student in mind,” Zartman said.

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