Your Views: Carol Tidwell offers qualities you want on Janesville City Council

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Monday, April 6, 2015

In the Our Views column March 21st, The Gazette stated a member of the Janesville City Council needs:

Intelligence; passion about the city and a willingness to invest time and energy into bettering the community.

I agree.

Carol Tidwell has all of these qualities and more. I met her through the Janesville League of Women Voters, where Carol was chair of the Voters Services Committee. She went to Craig and Parker high schools; Cedar Crest and Huntington Place; UW-Rock and Blackhawk Tech; the Janesville Farmers Market and ECHO to register people to vote because she has such a strong sense of civic responsibility. It is that sense of civic responsibility that led her to accept the position of chair of the Janesville Sidewalk Task Force and to serve on the city's zoning board of appeals and St. Mary's Hospital Ethics Committee. It is the sense of civic responsibility that motivates her to run for city council.

Carol spent 13 years of her legal career as a federal mediator for labor and management disputes. She knows how to listen well to both sides of an issue and make a wise and informed decision. These skills will benefit the city council and ultimately the city of Janesville. It is my opinion that Carol Tidwell will make an excellent addition to the Janesville City Council.



EDITOR'S NOTE: This letter arrived by email before last Wednesday's deadline for election-related letters but, due to an editor's error, was overlooked previously.

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